Propel Certification
Service Lab Program

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超级大乐透中奖规则 The Propel Certification Program is designed to promote the highest data quality and best practices at fee-for-service labs powered by Illumina. Becoming Propel-Certified benefits academic, government, and non-profit core labs; commercial service labs; and the customers they serve.

Propel Certification delivers a unique set of advantages for laboratories demonstrating compliance with the high standard of Illumina technology, as well providing confidence to researchers who need a lab they can trust to support their investigations.

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The Illumina Propel Certification Program is an evolution of the Illumina Certified Service Provider (CSPro) program launched in 2006. Upon demonstrating yearly competency with select Illumina products through a carefully designed, standardized process, participating core and commercial service laboratories will gain access to a powerful set of benefits designed to accelerate, differentiate, and propel their lab forward.

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Are you looking for a lab that provides demonstrated proficiency with Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) systems to support genetic and genomic research? The Illumina Propel Certification Program gives you peace of mind and confidence in the lab you have chosen for your genomic needs.

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