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超级大乐透中奖规则 Illumina FastTrack Microarray Services works collaboratively with you to achieve your research objectives. Since 2001, we have consistently provided on-time, reliable microarray services, including genotyping and methylation array services, to academic and pharmaceutical customers. Our in-house expert molecular geneticists use cutting-edge Illumina array technologies. Enjoy the same competitive edge our Illumina instrument owners have — conduct whole-genome association studies, linkage analysis, and fine mapping studies in a timely fashion at a reasonable cost.

FastTrack Microarray Services

Illumina FastTrack Microarray Services offer the following key benefits:

  • Personalized service with dedicated and collaborative experts
  • Reliable, proven, and rapid processes
  • Fully automated and integrated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • High-quality data
  • Comprehensive study types
How to Order

Interested in a project with Illumina FastTrack Services? Please contact your sales representative or get a quote through our website. We’ll follow up to discuss your project and help you select the microarray service that best meets your needs.

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Illumina FastTrack Microarray Services offers years of experience providing genotyping services with proven Illumina array technology. The lab has genotyped over 1 million samples across 600 projects.

Past projects have included genetic disease and cancer applications such as pancreatic, lung and prostate cancer studies, as well as population-based studies in schizophrenia, HIV, and diabetes. Projects have expanded from the research community to biobanks, agriculture, and personal genomics, with offerings for a wide range of sample types.

Additionally, FastTrack Services provides you with personalized attention as your project progresses. Our methylation array and genotyping services can help cost-effectively and rapidly identify variants and epigenetic alterations that contribute to diseases and phenotypes.

Arrays: Changing Agriculture

Genomics breeding video demonstrates how genomics is improving our agriculture selection processes.

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The Illumina FastTrack Microarray Services team is comprised of highly educated scientists and project managers with years of experience in genomics. The team works collaboratively with customers from experimental design through to project completion.

The process is enhanced by ongoing collaboration within Illumina from the development and quality teams. This provides customers with continually improved technologies and superior results.

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Our reliable high-throughput and automated process guarantees high-quality data delivered in a timely fashion. Our project managers work closely with the project PI throughout the process. Each sample is handled with care from arrival at Illumina to data generation, using a positive flow LIMS tracking system for all samples and data. Throughout the process, there are multiple QC steps to give customers confidence in their data.

Illumina FastTrack Services offers a number of array service packages for whole-genome and custom targeted analysis as well as saliva DNA extraction. Each microarray process is treated with the same level of care for optimal delivery of high-quality data with a fast turnaround time.

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Human Genotyping Arrays

Access the speed, ease of use and cost-effectiveness of microarrays. Achieve the statistical power you need for your whole-genome study.

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Omni Array Family

Illumina FastTrack Services use array technologies including Infinium whole-genome genotyping and methylation arrays. iSelect arrays provide flexible solutions to meet a range of study requirements. Proven HiScan and iScan systems image each array, helping researchers unravel the complex genetic architecture behind diseases. Additionally, in-house software SNP selection and analysis tools are used to optimize data precision and research scalability.

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Identifying Heterogeneity in the Diverse Hispanic Population

LA BioMed/Harbor-UCLA researchers team up with Illumina FastTrack Services to identify disease-associated SNPs prevalent in the Hispanic population.

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Illumina provides whole-genome genotyping and methylation training packages. These are designed to familiarize you with microarray analysis and assist you in managing large datasets.

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Sample Submission Guidelines*

Find out how to submit samples to Illumina FastTrack Services.

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*Note that Illumina FastTrack Services will not accept any samples without a PO and an initial conference call with our project management team.

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