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超级大乐透中奖规则 www.slf2t.cn Illumina offers a diverse portfolio of array and next-generation sequencing (NGS) services to support a broad range of genomic applications. Whether you are conducting large population-based genetic analysis studies, performing cancer research, or advancing breeding programs, Illumina and our partners have a solution for your needs.

Armed with proven Illumina NGS and array technologies and a network of scientific experts, customers are increasingly empowered to accelerate opportunities for discovery. The Illumina array and NGS service network provides a sample-to-data solution, with guaranteed delivery of high-quality data to help you discover answers, faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

Illumina also offers a number of other services including a core lab program, service partnerships, analysis and data management solutions, and financial solutions.

The Customer Experience
The Customer Experience

Get an overview of how our expert service project managers, scientists, and lab staff deliver high-quality data and support you throughout your project.

With a diverse portfolio of human whole-genome sequencing (WGS) service offerings supporting a range of DNA inputs, turnaround times, and analysis packages, Illumina FastTrack Sequencing Services can help you find a solution to your research objectives. Illumina offers access to accurate and complete human WGS data, to give you a clear picture of the entire genome.

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Illumina FastTrack Services works collaboratively with you to help you achieve your microarray research objectives. Using cutting-edge Illumina technology, you can leverage the same advantages as Illumina instrument customers to conduct whole-genome association and copy number studies, linkage analysis, fine mapping, and DNA methylation studies in a timely fashion, at a reasonable cost.

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See Inside Illumina FastTrack Services

Follow your sample through the FastTrack Services process.

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FastTrack Services

Illumina offers a number of service partnerships and programs to help support your research needs.

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Illumina service and support teams provide a full suite of solutions, from product care and training to personalized consulting. These services are designed to maximize performance and productivity, help ensure regulatory compliance, and enable researchers and clinicians to find the answers they seek.

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Illumina also offers access to a number of other services, such as financial solutions, specialty next-generation sequencing services, and instrument qualification services.

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The Illumina Clinical Services Laboratory was the first to generate a personal genome sequence in a clinical lab setting. We provide sequencing services for physicians and genetic counselors.

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