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超级大乐透中奖规则 BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer enables users to apply complex genomic data in novel ways across the entire drug discovery and development process. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations can incorporate data analysis and interpretation into biomarker discovery, translational research, and clinical trials.

Access to
Curated Data

  • Explore  a large repository of highly curated public and controlled-access data sets across a broad range of disease indications with 45,000+ samples: 2,100+ cell lines with drug response data, and 43,000+ human subject samples.
  • Integrate and analyze proprietary patient data with curated public content to enhance results interpretation.

Biomarker Discovery
and Validation

  • Discover and validate biomarkers across multiple types of molecular data, clinical information and cell line models.
  • Perform in silico trials to assess the value of biomarkers as companion diagnostics.
  • Assess drug targets with integrated genomic data from cell lines.
  • Access a manually curated knowledge base of 86,000+ interpreted biomarkers for disease association, molecular classification, prognostic, predictive, drug target, and therapeutics information.

Clinical Trials

  • Integrate and analyze comprehensive clinical and genomic information associated with each individual human subject, including longitudinal data.
  • Identify candidate predictive biomarkers by retrospective analysis of clinical trials.
  • Define enrollment criteria to enrich clinical trial for subjects with optimal response to therapy.
  • Develop combination-dosing studies based on retrospective evaluation of molecular data.

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Bio IT Best of Show
NextBio Clinical (now BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer) wins People’s Choice Award at Bio-IT World. Learn more.

Additional Resources

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer is the new name for NextBio Clinical

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer Overview VideoBaseSpace Cohort Analyzer allows researchers to store complex genomic knowledge in the world’s largest database of continuously curated knowledge.

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NextBio Clinical Wins Bio-IT World 2015 Best of Show People's Choice Award

Bio-IT World speaks with Illumina about winning the 2015 Best of Show Award for NextBio Clinical.

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Cohort Analysis with BaseSpace Informatics BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer provides the world’s largest collection of continuously curated genomic knowledge in a secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based environment.

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Research Method Citation Read the NextBio-authored peer-reviewed publication in PLOS ONE: "Ontology-Based Meta-Analysis of Global Collections of High-Throughput Public Data". Access Article

Security and HIPAANextBio Clinical successfully passed an independent 3rd party audit of security controls, meeting HIPAA requirements for patient information. Read Press Release

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer FlyerAnalysis and interpretation of clinical data and genomic information for Clinical Researchers. Read Flyer

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